Composites Product Development Support

"Convert rough ideas into production ready composite designs"

CSS' Composite Product Development Support services typically focus on carbon fiber (CFRP) and fiberglass (GFRP) reinforced polymer composite applications with complex shapes and challenging fiber architecture:

  • Irregular Geometries
  • Hollow Cross Sections
  • Closed Profiles (e.g., Hoops, Rings)
  • Nested or Telescoping Structures
  • Co-Molded Inserts

Composite Spool

Product Design and Process Development

Most Composite Product Development efforts, such as CSS' Composite Davit project, are an amalgam of composite product design and process development support.

Lightweight Multi-Section Composite Davit

CSS utilizes Computer Aided Design (CAD) and basic Finite Element Analyses (FEA) tools to predict structural performance and optimize the composite design for the specified geometry ... or optimize part geometry for greater producibility and/or performance.

Composite prototype fabrication trials may be conducted by CSS, by the Client with CSS support, or by a prospective composites manufacturer to validate the composite tooling design and manufacturing approach.

CSS' Composites Manufacturing Support services help Clients transition successful product or process development efforts to full-scale in-house FRP composites production.

High volume production needs may be met by utilizing CSS' Composites Overseas Sourcing Assistance services which facilitate procurement of composite components and value-added assemblies from vetted overseas manufacturers.

Bladder Inflation Molding

CSS also helps Clients design and develop simple to complex prepreg and resin infused Bladder Inflation Molding (BIM) composite products. CSS' bladder molding services include custom bladder development, tooling design, composite product design and bladder molding manufacturing support.

BIM Composite Stroller Frame Member

Theoretical and Laboratory Intensive Application Development

CSS maintains an affiliation with the University of Delaware's internationally recognized Center for Composite Materials (CCM) to offer Clients access to state-of-the-art composite laboratories and prototype fabrication facilities as well as solicit input from CCM staff and research professionals.

Research and IP Development

Pure research and exploratory development efforts frequently answer a fundamental challenge; are FRP composites the best material choice for my application?

Design & manufacturing trade studies, scale process demonstrations and performance evaluations are used to identify the best composite material, design approach, and manufacturing method for each application.

CSS' Intellectual Property (IP) Development Support includes the refinement of less established composite product concepts and assistance securing patent protection. CSS conducts ideation sessions, analyzes competing products, supports patent and prior art searches, and provides content for US Patent Applications.

"We welcome your FRP composites material & process and product design viability questions."