CSS' Overseas Liaison Services provide an effective technical and logistical bridge to vetted China fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite vendors capable of offering Clients attractive pricing on high quality, high performance FRP composite components and assemblies. In many cases Clients realize net cost savings of 10-50% while CSS manages the headaches associated with manufacturing a product 12 time zones and 8000 miles away.
CSS is your bridge to low cost,
high quality FRP composite products

Overseas Manufacturing & Purchasing Liaison Services

How it works ...
CSS will review the Client's FRP composite production needs to ascertain if sourcing overseas makes sense

CSS will work with the Client's Engineering and Purchasing Departments to clearly define the product and production sourcing objectives

With the Client's permission CSS will obtain preliminary quotations from a vetted China vendor with the appropriate manufacturing expertise and available capacity

CSS will review the preliminary quotes and CSS' Sourcing Agreement terms with the Client to determine if utilizing CSS' Overseas Manufacturing & Purchasing Services is a viable option

With the Client's approval CSS will source samples for inspection and testing

Given acceptable test results, attractive pricing, and agreeable terms, CSS and the Client will enter into a Sourcing Agreement

CSS will create all Product Specifications and Quality Control documentation for overseas production line management

CSS will work with the China Vendor to develop the necessary laboratory test capability for production quality control

CSS will manage overseas pilot production run(s) as part of the China Vendor qualification process

CSS will place the Client's production Purchase Orders

     Client Purchase Order are written directly to China Vendor

     Client will be the Consignee and the China Vendor will be the
     Shipper/Exporter on all shipping documents

     Client will be responsible for selecting the shipping method,
     shipping company, and all shipping expenses

     Client will be responsible for inspecting and random Quality
     Control testing on each shipment

     Client will be responsible for timely payment of shipping expenses,
     duties, and invoice amounts after inspecting each shipment.

CSS will manage all production schedules to meet the Client's product availability needs

CSS will work with the China Vendor to develop product quality and production problem resolutions

CSS will manage ALL China Vendor communications






FRP Composites
Made In China
Thus far CSS' fostered sourcing relationships have brought in over $4M worth of fiberglass and carbon fiber reinforced polymer composite goods.
CSS compensation for its Overseas Manufacturing & Purchasing Liaison Services is based on ACCEPTABLE product shipment commissions.
"Our Overseas Manufacturing & Purchasing Liaison Services goal is for every box, pallet, and container shipment to meet or exceed the quality and performance of the approved production samples."