"CSS' Research / Intellectual Property Development Services help Clients turn
rough napkin sketches into valuable FRP composite assets."
CSS is your bridge to low cost,
high quality FRP composite products

Research / Intellectual Property Development Services

Preliminary Material Selection
Product Design Studies
Producibility Evaluations
Production Cost Approximations
Material Experiments
Process Demonstrations
CSS compensation as an Engineer for Hire is based on a set fee or billable hours as defined in the Consulting Agreement and the Client retains full ownership and rights to all Intellectual Property.
Ideation Sessions
Competing Product Analysis
Worldwide Patent Searches
Patent Application Development
CSS compensation as a Co-Inventor is dependent on the anticipated contribution level and who owns the Intellectual Property. CSS compensation may also be deferred to further a project. In one example CSS compensation is deferred until commercialization whereafter CSS receives royalty payments on income derived from co-developed Intellectual Property related sales and licensing fees while the Client retains full ownership of the Intellectual Property.
CSS provides FRP composite engineering services to address specific Client research needs or further established Intellectual Property as directed by the Client. Some examples of Client directed services include:
Engineer for Hire
CSS collaborates and contributes novel idea based solutions to rough, less established Intellectual Property that may or may not utilize FRP composites. In addition to traditional FRP composite engineering services, Co-Inventor based support includes:
CSS works with Clients as an "Engineer for Hire" to provide traditional fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite engineering technical support or as a "Co-Inventor" when collaborating to develop novel concepts utilizing FRP composites. In either case working relationship terms are clearly defined in a Consulting Agreement and an accompanying Non-Disclosure Agreement executed prior to the start of any effort.
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