"Whether an inventor at the conceptual stage or an established manufacturer seeking slightly better margins ... CSS can serve as your engineering bridge to affordable, quality, high performance composite products.

Brian Blonski
We strive to develop the best balance of Performance, Quality, and Cost regardless of our client's FRP composite program scope or size. Effectively managing this interdependent relationship is at the core of our mission statement and the inspiration behind our company logo.
Our Philosophy
CSS plies its diverse FRP composite product design, development, qualification testing, and manufacturing background to furnish Clients with innovative, cost effective FRP composite solutions.

CSS' Traditional Engineering Consulting Services target the following areas:
CSS leverages longstanding ISO Certified China vendor relationships to offer Clients attractive pricing on high quality FRP composite products. In many cases Clients realize net cost savings of 10-50% while CSS manages the headaches associated with manufacturing a product 12 time zones and 8000 miles away.

CSS' Manufacturing & Purchasing Liaison Services include:
"FRP Composite Innovation,
Product Design, Product Development
& Production Support tailored to meet
YOUR project objectives ..."
Overseas Manufacturing
& Purchasing Liaison Services
Composite Sourcing Solutions (CSS), an engineering consultancy, offers traditional FRP composite engineering services from product inception through production support. CSS also offers assistance setting up and managing production of YOUR composite products in vetted China factories, a unique opportunity to maximize margins while mitigating common overseas sourcing headaches.
Traditional Engineering
Consulting Services
"Assistance manufacturing YOUR
FRP composite products and
assemblies in China ..."
FRP composite innovation; trade studies, concept development, patent support

FRP composite design and Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Prototype fabrication and evaluation

Product Specification, Test Method, and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) development

Field Return & Warranty problem resolution; product design and process improvements

Automation and cost reduction initiatives

Recommend the best vetted vendor for YOUR composite project

Optimize composite designs for overseas manufacturing

Source samples for preliminary evaluation and qualification testing

Create the necessary Specifications to control overseas product quality

Place YOUR Purchase Orders, manage overseas production, and coordinate direct shipments

Troubleshoot production problems and recommend corrective actions

Manage ALL vendor communications on YOUR behalf

CSS is your bridge to low cost,
high quality FRP composite products
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