What is a composite?
A solid material which is composed of two or more substances having different physical characteristics and in which each substance retains its identity while contributing desirable properties to the whole.

What is an FRP composite?
A fiber reinforced polymer matrix wherein the fibers may be discontinuous or continuous and the matrix may be a thermoset or thermoplastic polymer.
Your Bridge to Low Cost, High Quality Composites
Composite Sourcing Solutions (CSS), an engineering consultancy, offers affordable contracted FRP composite engineering services for fledgling product development efforts through process optimization programs for established product lines.

Composite intellectual property development, furthering your novel concepts to the prototype level and beyond, is one of our strengths. We ply our diverse R&D and FRP composite manufacturing background to furnish clients with innovative, cost effective solutions.

Fabrication of hollow FRP composite structures with Bladder Inflation Molding (BIM) is another area of expertise. BIM is often the only manufacturing option for complex shapes with demanding fiber architecture. We supply our clients with the know how to design and manufacture high quality FRP composite bladder molded parts.

CSS also provides composite production engineering services for manufacturing line start-ups, sourcing composite products from overseas factories, and reshoring composite production.
Our Philosophy
We strive to develop the best balance of Performance, Quality, and Cost regardless of our client's FRP composite program scope or size. Effectively managing this intertwined relationship at the core of our mission statement and the inspiration behind our company logo.
 " Whether an inventor at the conceptual stage or an established manufacturer seeking slightly better margins, CSS can serve as your engineering bridge to affordable, quality, high performance composite products.

Brian Blonski